When MaMa Kelly Amsterdam opened its pink doors to the public in 2017, the world was as stunned as it was enthusiastic. Because a completely pink business? HOW?! But from day one people knew how to find us as effortlessly as en masse. At that also not immediately obvious location in the Olympic Stadium.

Chicken and lobster played the culinary leading role, and with the power of social media and, for example, the famous High Tea, MaMa Kelly was fully booked weeks in advance. Those we’re the days. We added the Secret Panther Room. We had legendary parties with performances by the greatest artists. And events about which MaMa will remain silent to this day. Because what happens at MaMa’s… Exactly.

After the mandatory closures during the COVID period, MaMa Kelly also had to deal with the known problems. Costs that skyrocket. Chronic staff shortage. And less and less room for creative entrepreneurship. And that’s exactly what MaMa Kelly once made what it was. And thus? We will close our doors on June 1 to come back completely new at the end of the year. Fresh. Fruity. And completely different. The end of a pink era. The beginning of something new. Stay tuned.

Love, Mama.