MaMa is back

From Monday 1 June, MaMa will finally be able to open its pink doors again to do what it does best. Pamper her guests in the well-known pampering. Although in this much discussed new reality we will have to do that in a slightly different way than you were used to from us before. Responsible, safe and sensible. And with a number of rules.

Absolutely delicious: the lovely and large MaMa Kelly terrace is open when the weather nice. For lunch and dinner, without a reservation.

What does the new reality look like? 

From June 1 we will serve our lunch from noon. In addition, reservations can be made from noon for that now legendary High Tea. For the High Tea we ask for a deposit of 20 euros per person, and the duration is a maximum of 2 hours.

For dinner we only work with reservation. You can enjoy from our signature chicken and lobster or for many more beautiful dishes! From 17.00, and if you arrive before 19.30, you have two hours to relax .

Reservations from 19.30 have no time pressure. So if you want to dinner for a long time, then choose a slightly later reservation. 

All facts in a row. 

To keep things organized in this new reality, MaMa will of course list everything for you.


Starts from noon. 

High Tea.

Starts from noon, duration 120 minutes. Deposit 20 euros per person. 


It is perhaps Amsterdam’s best kept secret: the sun-drenched MaMa Kelly terrace. With good weather we are open all day for lunch and dinner, and you don’t need to make an reservation. In addition, you can order whatever you want on our terrace. We do not work with shifts, minimum number of courses or other restrictions. During beautiful days we serve oysters on our terrace between 16.00 and 18.00 for 1 euro each.


We do not work with shifts, but we do have an end time: 

Reservations until 19:00, duration 120 minutes. 

Reservations from 19.30, duration unlimited. 

We serve an extensive set menu, 
  • Starter and main course: 37.50 euros 
  • Main and dessert: 32.50 euros 
  • 3 courses: 47.50 euros 
  • Any additional courses are 12.50 euros per person.
  • Guests choose at least two courses for dinner. 
  • On Friday and Saturday you choose at least three courses from 19:30. 

If you want to make an reservation for a family with more than 4 persons, please send us an email at amsterdam@mama-kelly.nl