Boiler House

Mama Kelly is located in the former boiler house of the Caballero factory. Maybe “Caballero” rings a bell: the cigarette brand which had non-filter cigarettes in a brown pack with a picture of a caballero (a Mexican cowboy), sitting on a horse. These cigarettes were made here in The Hague. The foundation of this branch of the cigarette factory “Ed Laurens” was located in Alexandria, Egypt. That’s where Edouard Laurens started a cigarette business in 1887, which he rapidly transformed into a cigarette factory.

Dutch cigarette factory

In 1921 Ed’s son, Jules Laurens, established the Dutch cigarette factory “Ed Laurens” on the Rijswijkseweg 528 in The Hague, Netherlands. Shortly after WWII, Laurens put the renowned Caballero cigarette on the market, a cigarette which was a great success in the mid 60’s. Caballero was the best-selling cigarette in the Netherlands then. In 1972 Laurens fused with Rothmans from England and the company went on in that last name. The cigarette production was replaced to the British American Tobacco (BAT) factory in Zevenaar in 1995.

The Boiler House is not connected to the Caballero factory itself, but the factory was controlled in this impressive space. Many old boilers have been preserved and can be seen in Mama Kelly.