As any good mother, MaMa is above all very caring. She has answers to almost everything. We have already listed some of the FAQ’s with answers for you.

If your question is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on weekdays at 070-217 05 46 and 24/7 by email: denhaag@mama-kelly.nl

What  are the opening times of MaMa Kelly?

Mon-Fri 11.00-00.00

Saturday 11.00-01.00

Sunday 11.00-00.00

What are the opening times of the kitchen?

You are of course welcome for the whole day for a cup of coffee or tea. As soon as we are open, we are ready to help you. The kitchen is open at 12.00 – 15.00 for lunch. All the delicious bites from the snack menu is served from 12.00 – 23.00. Savoring dinner at MaMa Kelly is possible from 17.30 – 22.00. Joining later and still experiencing MaMa Kelly to the fullest is thus not a problem at all.

Also good to emphasize: Of course you can still enjoy your ordered meal after 22.00. Lingering after dinner is also our favorite!

I would like to bring my dog, is that a problem?

Even though we absolutely love animals, based on a hygienic viewpoint, it is prohibited to bring dogs or any other pets inside MaMa Kelly. This has been legally determined since April 1 2016 for all catering establishments.

On the contrary, dogs are more than welcome on our terrace. It is our pleasure to provide the adorable thirsty four-legged creature with a bowl of water.

Can you be reached with public transportation?

MaMa Kelly can be reached during the day with bus 26. The bus stop is called Saturnusstraat. Attention: This bus doesn’t go anymore after 20.00. Should you come by train, it is a 10-minute walk from station Voorburg. You can plan you trip using this website.

I would like to come eat with a group, is this possible?

Large(r) groups are more than welcome at MaMa Kelly. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, we use different terms and conidtions and a different menu for groups larger than 10 persons. For more information on lunch and dinner with groups, check denhaag@mama-kelly.nl or fill in our reservations form for groups on this website.

I am vegetarian and would like to eat at MaMaKelly. Is there something for me on the menu?

Without a doubt! You can find various new vegetarian dishes on our menu.

We have an allergy menu at MaMa Kelly, but we also strongly advise you to report your allergies to our crew. We are always reachable at denhaag@mama-kelly.nl for any questions or special diet restrictions.

We have something to celebrate, may we decorate our table?

Even though MaMa loves a party, we have to bear in mind that there are other guests. In order to ensure our guests that they will not be bothered by your party, we take decorations into our own hands. Of course, we can decorate your table MaMa Kelly-style for a birthday, baby shower, bachelor(ette) party or any other reason for a great party. For more information contact us at denhaag@mama-kelly.nl

We would like to eat lunch, is it possible to make a reservation in the restaurant (Boiler House)?

Our lunch is served in the Café or when the weather is good, on the terrace. With groups larger than 20 persons it is possible to have lunch in the restaurant under certain conditions. As you can understand, this is only possible with a reservation. For more information and prices mail us at denhaag@mama-kelly.nl

Is it possible to only have drinks at the bar?

Absolutely! Our bar is open every day from open till close and is utilized by many for some drinks and bites. To be ensured a spot it is strongly advised to make a reservation. This can be done by phone on 070 217 05 46, through the website or by mail at denhaag@mama-kelly.nl

When I drive to MaMa Kelly, I encounter a parking barrier. Is this correct?

For sure, you’re almost there! Take a ticket by the barrier, turn left twice and you have arrived at your destination. The first hour for parking is free of charge. Parking for free is possible at the public parking spaces before the barrier.

I understand that there is paid parking. Is this correct?

The first hour for parking is free of charge. Parking for free is possible at the public parking spaces before the barrier.

Are you also open during holidays?

We always communicate our altered opening times in advance on our Facebook page. Very handy to keep an eye on this!

What are the specialities that MaMa Kelly has to offer?

The frequently asked question in MaMa Kelly is: “chicken or lobster?” Next to these so-called signature dishes, we also serve a significant amount of other beautiful dishes which may also be called specialties. Find the different menus for lunch and dinner through this link.

Does your menu alter?

Next to the renowned chicken and lobster of MaMa Kelly, we have various altering dishes on our menu.  

Is it recommended to reserve in advance?

To be ensured a table, it is definitely recommended to first make a reservation. This can be done by telephone on 070 – 217 05 46 or online through our website. For this you can use the red button on the top of the page. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a reservation by e-mail or Facebook.

Is it also possible to pay by invoice?

Whenever you dine with a group or company, it is possible to pay by invoice. Let us know in advance so that the necessary company information is known by us. On the date of reservation, we will ask for an identification card and business card. For payment on account, we charge a administration fee.

Can I also make a reservation online?

For sure! A reservation can be made with computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet through our website. For reservations for groups larger than 10 persons the reservation will first be a request. Then we will contact you as soon as possible. Good to know: use a valid e-mail address when making a reservation. You will receive a confirmation on this e-mail address.

Is there a difference in menu and service in the different spaces of MaMa Kelly?

The only difference between the Café and the Boiler House is the decoration. The menu and the constant attentive crew is exactly the same. Thanks to the open kitchen in the Café, you can enjoy the work of the MaMa Kelly kitchen team and in the Boiler House you will find a slightly more formal setting.

Can I also come by without a reservation?

Despite the fact that we strongly recommend everyone to make a reservation in order to avoid disappointment, you are more than welcome even without a reservation. Keep in mind that we might not have a table immediately for you but in the mean time you can enjoy a nice drink at our bar until a table is free. You can make a reservation by phone on 070 217 05 46 or through our website.

I have a complaint; how could I best let you know about this?

It is without a doubt that we do our utmost best to make sure our guests enjoy their evening as much as they possibly can. However, there is still a possibility that something may go wrong. May this be the case, we are open to any critique. In fact: we very much appreciate it if you would communicate anything you are not satisfied about. This is the only way we can continue to grow and improve in areas there where needed.

If ever something may go wrong, ask for the supervisor. Thereafter you may contact the owner of MaMa Kelly himself at rein@mama-kelly.nl. Of course, you may always come by to discuss anything. We assure you that we take every and any complaint seriously.