Chicken and Lobster

Our menu is actually very simple. At MaMa you eat either chicken or lobster. Next to these signature dishes we definitely have many more options, but if you want to experience the authentic MaMa flavors, choose either our French farmland chicken or our gorgeous lobster. Both of our specialties are served in different ways; from classic to extra spicy.

Every day we receive guests who would like to familiarize themselves with eating lobster or who wonder how they can best enjoy a whole chicken from the rotisserie. That’s why we have made a few videos with our executive chef Ijsbrant Willbrenninck in which he explains, in his own way, the dos and don’ts.

Your Favorite

Enjoying lunch extensively. That’s what we love here at MaMa Kelly. Even though you come for just “a quick lunch”, due to our recently introduced menu, a choice will not be made in one go. Unless, you already have a favorite of course.