Working at MaMa Kelly


MaMa is looking for you! Definitely, because for our soon-to-be-open restaurant we are looking for many and above all very skilled people for pretty much any function you can think of. From dedicated dishwashers to more than a magisterial manager. Fantastic food runners, wicked waiters/waitresses and only the best bartenders. Classy cocktail shakers, bizarre barista’s and happy hostess’s and hosts. In short; we’re looking for the best of the best, because quality, that’s something we place a high value on at MaMa Kelly.

CV’s with recent photos and a short motivational letter may be sent to:


MaMa is looking for you! At least, if you are the independent cook we are looking for. An old-fashioned hotshot who loves nothing other than working hard in a beautiful (open) kitchen in a restaurant which is practically always full. And of course, with a spectacular team surrounding you. We could use some one as well as part time as full time, so bring it on!

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