Yves Berendse

On Friday 11 September, MaMa makes a slightly different approach compared to what you’re used to. Instead of the famous Sunday afternoon this time we will introduce a 4 course dinner by top chef Dennis Huwae on a Friday evening. In addition there will be lots of live music by Yves Berendse, who will make the evening a night to remember. From 20:00 PM you can join us for an evening of pure joy with both entertainment and a delicious menu that you will enjoy during the evening. Our crew ensures that you have a wonderful evening with both dinner and dance.

What: MaMa in Concert #4
When: Friday, September 11 from 20:00 uur
Who: Yves Berendse
Price: €100,- per person including a four course dinner
Time: 3 x 30 minutes

Good to know;
You can order tickets for a minimum of 4 guests and a maximum of 12 guests.
The tickets are excluding drinks